A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters

Read A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters FREE online! New chapters every month!

Click on the links below to go straight to your favorite chapter!

Read Chapter 1, The Ghost of Esme Gorey.
Read Chapter 2, A Witch in the Wilderness
Read Chapter 3, A Mechanical Mummy
Read Chapter 4, The Journey of the Genie
Read Chapter 5, Automatons on an Airship
Read Chapter 6, The Locomotive of the Living Dead
Read Chapter 7, The Problem with Pirates
Read Chapter 8, A Blob on a Boat
Read Chapter 9, An Institute for the Insane
Read Chapter 10, The Werebeast of the Wild West
Read Chapter 11, The Terror of the Troll Toll
Read chapter 12, Attack of the Aquatic Arachnids.
Reac Chapter 13. – The Ghost of the Geisha
Read Chapter 14. – A Werewolf Wanders Within
Read Chapter 15. – The Misanthropy of the Monster House
Read Chapter 16. – The Yowl of the Yeti
Read Chapter 17. – The Unfathomable Beast from Fathoms Below
Read Chapter 18. – The Vengeance of the Vampire
Read Chapter 19. – Nosferatu at the Nuptials


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