About the book A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters

Steampunk Fashion, Photography and Fiction combine in this serialized steampunk fantasy photography magazine by artist Tyson Vick. This illustrated tour de force combines steampunk fairy tales and monster stories with the visual aspect of a graphic novel.

The beautiful and oblivious Philomena Dashwood joins a world-wide Monster Hunting Tour in hopes of finding adventure. However, she refuses to give up any of her finery or opinions. After a seance gone wrong, an angry ghost attacks, and Philomena comes to the rescue, but one adventure leads into the next, and soon Philomena finds herself facing off against Witches, mummies, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, seamonsters and more! She meets new friends, encounters dangerous shipwrecks, and contends with threats to her woolen skirts. Perhaps the most terrifying adventure she faces is the throng of admiring suitors that meet her along the way.

Available for free online, as PDF Download or in Print. Each print volume makes an excellent collector’s item for steampunk fans, and a great coffee table book showcasing the popular steampunk world of Tyson Vick.

This photography book blends steampunk fashion with a comedy/horror narrative that tells the story of a high-maintenance lady adventurer and her monster hunting exploits around the world. Imagine Jane Austen meets Scooby Doo!

“A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters” is half fashion spread, half narrative fiction. Each chapter features a new monster, new steampunk costumes, and fresh adventure. The book contains both full photographic illustration of scenes illustrating the narrative (similar to movie stills) as well as numerous tin-type/daguerreotype photos of the persons and monsters contained in the story (as if the characters took the photos themselves). Accompanying these pictures are journal entries, news clippings, monster hunting tips for ladies and more.

In 2012, Alisa Kester, of Dragonfly Designs by Alisa, and Tyson Vick worked together on a steampunk photo shoot for Dark Beauty Magazine (This shoot was released as a short volume available on Mag Cloud). They enjoyed the result, and decided to work together again the following year using Alisa’s new Steampunk Monster costumes. The more they talked about it, the more they thought it would make a fun “Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters” and decided to create a book instead!

The fashion part of the book features over 80 unique steampunk costumes! Tyson Vick and his team created over 60 delightful costumes for this project, as well as using 20 of Alisa’s already-finished steampunk creations.

The book was photographed mainly in Montana, Washington and British Columbia.

The Crew

Tyson Vick (Photographer, Writer, Costumer) is a Montanan fashion and art photographer who creates period and fantastical costumes for many of his photography projects. He is always creating something for an upcoming shoot or publication. He sells many of his once-used costumes on Etsy to fund his upcoming projects. His previous photography book, Mozart Reimagined, presents costuming, photography and music history in a humorous and insightful volume. Mozart Reimagined is available here.

Alisa Kester (Costume Designer) is a Washington native and librarian who designs and creates dozens of multi-culturally influenced Steampunk outfits. She enjoys traveling to steampunk and Dr. Who conventions where she wears her award winning costumes. Her blog chronicles the building of her costumes from the earliest sketches and mood board to the final product and first wearing.

Catey Lockhart (wardrobe supervisor and costume assistant) Catey is a professional musician who moonlights as a seamstress, textile artist and former apprentice apprentice of Tyson Vick. She helps out with all aspects of his projects including design, sewing, prop-making, feedback, and advice. Her own personal steampunk creations are frequently integrated into the book. Currently her focus is on creating clothing for dolls.

Lizzie Hatfield (hair and make-up) is a professional music director, accompanist and vocal coach. She has worked on dozens of Tyson’s photo shoots using fantasy, historical, and modern hair/make-up techniques.

Twila Rempe (costumer) Twila Rempe is Tyson’s mother. With her degree in textiles, she taught him how to sew, a talent she continues to spread by teaching a sewing class for 4-H in Nebraska. She builds costumes with Tyson when available, and many pieces in the project are sewn by Twila from both Tyson and Alisa’s designs.

Caenaan Hatfield (sets and props) During the photo-shoots Caenaan helps build, set-up, tear down and fix both sets and props.

Jen Driver (jeweler) Jen Driver is an antique dealer who creates one-of-a-kind jewelry. She has provided “A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters” with numerous custom pieces for both the heroes and the monsters.

The Models
Brin Merkley portrays Philomena Dashwood, the lead role and heroine. Brin is an American model, actress and former television news anchor.

Jeremy Fornier-Hanlon portrays the hero Percy Longville. Jeremy is a Canadian student studying Journalism and Jazz Vocals.