Updates and New Patreon

What’s happening in the world of steampunk monsters? Well, I’ve been busily finishing the book, photos and layout so that I can release the final half of the book chapter by chapter in a timely manner! I fell a little behind, and now am catching up. I am also trying to prepare print volumes! Which brings me to the next topic:

Have you heard of Patreon?

There’s this relatively new website called Patreon where fans of creator made content can offer their support. The site works very much like a tip jar. If you like what you see, you can donate a little money, and receive some benefits for your support!

If you already follow me on my social media sites, then you know that I share a lot of my work for free! But making art can cost money, and my art can take months and years to put together while I save. I believe that a site like Patreon can help me create art for you wonderful readers and subscribers while still providing it for free. 🙂

Your patronage will help me create! You can come and go whenever you please, and your pledge will only go through when a volume of one of my works is finished. A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters will have four volumes where I combine the chapters into books which will become available for print. Patreon will give you early access to these volumes, as well as all my future projects, and will also give you the first look at the creation of my art, before anyone else sees it. You will also be able to interact with me more directly. I can post my works in progress for feedback!

I hope you will continue to enjoy my work, whether you become a patron or just subscribe to my blogs! Can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on!

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