“Steampunk Vol.1” Available in Digital and Print versions on Mag Cloud!

Tyson Vick photography presents “Steampunk Vol. 1“!

Photographer Tyson Vick creates a beautiful steampunk world in this exciting 24 page photo-book available in Print and Digital versions on Mag Cloud! Featuring multi-cultural costumes by Alisa Kester and Tyson Vick. Featuring models Christopher Michael Higdon, Jadi Stuart and Meilyn Saychow.


When Alisa and I first worked together we created a series of adventure photos following a female heroine, her romantic hero and an evil pirate queen! We used some of Alisa’s most popular designs such as her Airship Pirate, Steampunk Geisha and Steampunk Ottoman costumes, and more!

The new photo book features some of our most popular steampunk photographs, as well as never-before-seen images which were edited just for the book!
Be the first to get your hands on a copy of “Steampunk Vol. 1 by Tyson Vick Photography“!

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