Photography Trip to Seattle – Part 1

There are a few behind-the-scenes people involved in A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters who hardly show up in pictures. Catey helps me make costumes, and she joined me on this trip to Seattle to photograph some images for the book.

Our first stop was Missoula, Montana, where we met up with my usual Hair & Make-up lady, and good friend, Lizzie Hatfield. Lizzie was unable to join us on this trip because she was music directing “Les Miserables” at the Missoula Children’s Theater. We stopped in town to watch the play, as well as to check out some Steam Engines from trains, because we are looking for one to use in the book.

The Steam engine at Fort Missoula and the second one at the Butte Civic Center.
The Steam engine at Fort Missoula and the second one at the Butte Civic Center.

There is a Timberjack Steam Engine located at Fort Missoula, just hangin’ out. This Engine is HUUUUUUUGE. It was used for hauling lumber.

In the picture above you will also see a different Steam Engine located at the Civic Center in Butte, Montana — which is on the way to Missoula. It is smaller, but has a cattle guard.

Below, you will see a side view of the Timberjack. See how there’s a walkway along the front? You couldn’t go Back to the Future on a train this size, let me tell you!

A steam engine at Fort Missoula in Montana.
A steam engine at Fort Missoula in Montana.

Our night then took us to the play “Les Miserables” which Lizzie was working on. The play is about awful things happening to sad people, and Eponine gets shot and sings about it. Spoilers. I was impressed by the leading romantic boy, the one who marries Cosette (spoilers) who was played by Greg. I remember the actor’s name because I have had a few brush encounters with him, but I don’t remember the character’s name. Joe? Andy? Something like that.

I also thought the Thenardier’s were very evil and eccentric. These characters are innkeepers who are so dishonest they lose their inn and start grifting/conning people for a living.

Eponine, who gets shot and sings about it — like seriously shot, like how Robocop gets shot — was also a very good singer, but her costume confused the hell out of me. It was like a granny blouse, and Edwardian skirt, fingerless gloves and straight blonde hair with a center parting. But the actress was very good.

We attended Lizzie's play in Missoula, MT.
We attended Lizzie’s play in Missoula, MT.

Catey and I then drove to Seattle where we met up with Alisa who gave me nearly every single costume in her closet so I could take pictures back in Montana. We were also joined by our make-up artist, Sam Kuster, a professional freelancer who worked with me as a model so many years ago, and who has grown into a very professional artist.

Our first shoot was with models Devon Dieu and Sierra Rae, who portrayed the world famous Monster Hunter, Lu Yan and his Wife.

Sam works on Devon's make-up.
Sam works on Devon’s make-up.

Sierra and Devon have generally, very, extremely great skin, which Sam enjoyed. Devon is very positive and upbeat and Sierra is very calm and engaging.

We worked together for many hours and had nice conversations.

Sierra gets her make-up done by Sam.
Sierra gets her make-up done by Sam.

Sierra got to wear a wig, which made her hair easier to do. In the photo below you will see Sierra and Devon in their full costumes! The gown is Alisa’s creation, and the suit is mine.

I think our models looked so perfect as husband and wife, and the final photo will look so good!

Sierra and Devon getting ready and posing as husband and wife.
Sierra and Devon getting ready and posing as husband and wife.

Stay tuned for the next part of our trip! Thanks for reading!


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